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“2017 – 2027 Will Become The Greatest Small Cap Investing Cycle In Canadian History”

- Sheldon Inwentash, CEO ThreeD Capital

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Sheldon Inwentash

With Sheldon Inwentash at the helm, ThreeD Capital Inc. will forge a new path with strong leadership.

A Quote from Sheldon

“2017 – 2027 will become the greatest small cap investing cycle in Canadian history.”

Sheldon Inwentash, CEO ThreeD Capital

Creating A Dominant Merchant Bank In Canada

  • Our investment strategy is fluid, agile and industry agnostic
  • Our primary interest is being lead financer in disruptive or leading edge technologies
  • We are actively involved with investees by advising and leveraging our powerful network
  • As an extension of management, our investees can focus on what they do best and succeed
  • Our strong network and history of success provides us with first look at best of breed companies
  • Our selections are vision driven for companies that can address our hyper evolving world
  • We have an advisor group helping with due diligence and deal flow relating to potential Blockchain Investments

The combination of depressed prices in Canadian markets, within a global economic recovery, provides a significant opportunity to invest in the very best opportunities, obtain the lowest entry point for ThreeD shareholders and continue increasing our stake via ongoing advisory services.

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