At each reporting date, the Company will update its investments disclosure to include the following investments:

  1. Investments in which we are subject to insider or early warning (s101) reporting requirements; or
  2. Investments in which one or more of the Company’s management and/or director(s) is a director of the investee; or
  3. Private investments in which we own greater than 10% of the investee.

March 31, 2017

Investee Description of holdings Fair Value
CKR Carbon Corporation
1,000,000 common shares
1,000,000 warrants expire Mar 29, 2020
Goldspot Discoveries Inc.
270,000 common shares  270,000
Northern Sphere Mining Corp
931,000 common shares
500,000 warrants expire Dec 16, 2020
New Found Gold Corp. 13,500,000 common shares  135,000
Other publicly traded investments  201,839
Other private investments  522,545
Total  1,668,935